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Monday, July 22, 2024


    Kenya’s death toll from a hunger cult has risen to 201: police

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    Police said that search teams searching through Kenya’s Shakahola forest, where mass graves linked to a cult were discovered last month, uncovered 22 more dead, raising the death toll to more than 200.

    “Our forensic team was able to exhume 22 bodies today,” regional police commander Rhodah Onyancha told reporters in Shakahola on Saturday.

    Since mid-April, at least 201 deaths have been discovered amid investigations into a cult led by Paul Mackenzie, pastor of the Good News International Church.

    The pastor is accused of ordering his flock to starve to death.

    Efforts to learn the facts about the cult’s operations and the circumstances surrounding the killings continue.

    According to police, more residents are reporting missing relatives.

    An inquiry that began last month showed that some of the victims’ organs were missing, raising suspicions of human organ trafficking.

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