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Thursday, May 30, 2024


    Leaders of Somalia and Iraq spoke on counterterrorism and bilateral ties during the Arab League summit.

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    MANAMA, Bahrain— Somali Prime Minister Hamza Abdi Barre and Iraqi President Abdul Latif Rashid met in Manama on the margins of the Arab League’s 33rd conference. The high-level meetings intended to strengthen Somalia and Iraq’s historic connections, with a special emphasis on improving security cooperation and addressing shared interests.

    The two leaders stressed the need of knowledge sharing in the field of counterterrorism. As both countries work to eradicate the threat of terrorism within their borders, this exchange of expertise is viewed as a critical step in their collaborative efforts.

    The summit also provided an opportunity to explore potential collaboration in a variety of sectors, including the economy, education, culture, and health. These conversations are expected.

    Prime Minister Barre and President Rashid’s participation at the Arab League conference demonstrates their commitment to regional peace and development. Their bilateral conversations underscore the need for Arab unity and collaboration in addressing common issues and promoting long-term development.

    As the summit progresses, the world community watches with curiosity to see how these debates will translate into tangible plans to buttress the region in the face of global challenges.

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