Saturday, May 21, 2022

    Military activities in Oromia are condemned by the Congress for Somali Cause, which demands for peace.

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    The Congress for Somali Cause (CSC) issued a statement criticising the government’s “constant military operations in the Oromia area.” Many lives have been lost as a result, according to the statement, which accuses the government of using a variety of weapons in densely populated regions, including “drones and aerial gunships.” The assembly emphasized that such a circumstance has thrown the country’s political system into chaos and created economic problems.

    The legislature attributed the unrest to what it views is a retreat from the “great expectations” set at the start of the new administration both nationally and internationally. The presser went on to say that this hope had been crushed, claiming that hostilities had arisen all over the country, particularly in the Oromia area. To be more specific, of the Oromia region, it went on to denounce what it expressed as a ‘violent campaign in Oromia’, something which the presser said has been happening in the past but increased in scale and intensity more recently.
    In reference to these intensified military operations in the regional state, CSC called upon the Somali regional government to not ‘take sides in the campaign’. Furthermore, the presser emphasized that a ‘finding a peaceful way to live with human dignity. The statement also asked the government to ‘reconsider its actions vis-a-vis the slippery slope the country is on’.

    “CSC is plainly and loudly emphasizing that democratizing Ethiopia as a multinational state is the only route and the appropriate course for the country,” the statement ended.

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