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Sunday, April 21, 2024


    Minister of Finance meets with UN Representative on Debt Relief and Flood Mitigation

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    -Mr. Bihi Iman Egeh, the Federal Republic of Somalia’s Minister of Finance, met today with Mr. George Conway, the United Nations’ Deputy Representative in Somalia and Coordinator of Humanitarian Activities. Their conversations focussed on the ongoing Debt Forgiveness process and plans to address the problems brought by this year’s disastrous floods, which have devastated communities across the country.

    The discussion focused on the government’s collaborative efforts to reach critical milestones in the Debt Forgiveness Process. Minister Bihi Iman Cige, representing the Federal Government of Somalia, provided updates on progress made thus far and described proactive measures being taken to manage the complicated process’s hurdles.

    The Debt Forgiveness Initiative is critical for Somalia’s economic trajectory, as it provides a viable avenue for financial relief and stability.

    Furthermore, the officials discussed the critical subject of minimizing the negative effects of severe floods in several regions of the country this year. Communities have faced tremendous challenges as a result of the floods, needing smart measures and concerted efforts to address the consequences and assist affected populations.

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