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Sunday, April 21, 2024


    Mogadishu hosts an intergovernmental conference and celebrates the lifting of the arms embargo.

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    On Saturday, Mogadishu, Somalia’s capital city, hosted the Intergovernmental DGs and District Coordination Forum, a platform for boosting cooperation and coordination among the various levels of government in the Banadir region. The meeting also coincided with the removal of the United Nations arms embargo imposed on Somalia since 1992, following the collapse of the central authority and the onset of civil conflict.

    Yussuf Hussein Madalo, the mayor of Mogadishu, started the conference and invited officials from the Banadir Regional Administration and district commissioners. He described the conference as an opportunity to brainstorm on how to better coordinate and collaborate as a team to improve citizen service delivery.

    He also expressed his satisfaction and thanks for the lifting of the arms embargo, which he described as a significant success for the Somali people and a gesture of world trust and confidence. He stated that easing the ban will allow the federal government and regional governments to obtain the weaponry and equipment needed to battle the terrorist group Al-Shabaab and safeguard the country. He further stated that rallies would be held throughout the Banadir region to commemorate this historic occasion and to demonstrate solidarity and support for the security forces.

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