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Tuesday, May 28, 2024


    More than 60 Russian missiles were shot down by Ukraine: Zelenskyy

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    President Volodymyr Zelenskyy stated late Monday that more than 60 of the 70 missiles fired by Russia were intercepted by Ukraine’s air defenses.

    Zelenskyy claimed that Russian soldiers had launched missile attacks against his nation once more in a video message that was broadcast on Telegram.

    “A day’s worth of reports. The main outcome was the downing of the majority of the 70 Russian missiles that were launched. He mentioned Kalibr, Kh-101, etc.

    Zelenskyy noted that while he was “grateful to our allies” for the air defense systems that Ukraine is presently utilizing, “we still cannot provide perfect security to our sky because there were multiple hits.”

    Sadly, there are casualties. Four individuals have been killed by Russian strikes as of right now, he noted.

    The Ukrainian president also mentioned the continued power outages brought on by Russian strikes in his nation and mentioned that several areas, including the capital Kyiv, were experiencing emergency outages.

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