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Sunday, June 23, 2024


    Mozambique: A Nation in Turmoil

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    Somali Magazine – Mozambique, a country located in Southeast Africa, has been grappling with a series of challenges recently. From political unrest to natural disasters, the nation has been in the global spotlight for a myriad of reasons.

    One of the most significant events that have rocked the nation is the ongoing insurgency linked to the Islamic State group. The conflict, which began in October 2017, has resulted in more than 570 violent incidents from January to December 2020. The humanitarian situation in Mozambique worsened in 2022 amid these ongoing attacks.

    In March 2021, the port city of Palma was attacked by Islamist militants, resulting in dozens of casualties. The attack occurred near the site of a gas project partly owned by the French multinational oil company TotalEnergies. The company has since been sued by three survivors and four relatives of the victims for involuntary manslaughter and negligence for failing to protect its subcontractors.

    In addition to the insurgency, Mozambique has also been dealing with the aftermath of natural disasters. In March 2023, Cyclone Freddy hit Malawi and Mozambique, resulting in hundreds of deaths. The World Bank has since provided Mozambique with $150 million for recovery efforts.

    Despite these challenges, there are glimmers of hope. In April 2023, the government approved the resumption of the $20 billion Cabo Delgado gas project. This project, in which TotalEnergies owns an operating stake of 26.5%, was halted in 2021 due to mounting insecurity.

    As Mozambique continues to navigate these tumultuous times, the international community watches with bated breath, hoping for stability and prosperity to return to this resilient nation.



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