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Sunday, October 1, 2023


    Mr. Ali Abdi Mohamed President of Somali Football Federation is listed among the most influential Somali People of 2022

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    Mr. Ali has a great leading football in Somalia since 2010 as he has been sacrificing to develop and engage for anticipating Football in country and regional level of CECAFA Zone, which current reaching out one of his great achievement in football career that Somali has won the CECAFA Zonal AFCON Qualification tournament of U17 in Ethiopia, and qualified Somalia in history CAF AFCON U17 final tournament in Algeria 2023.

    Mr. Ali Abdi Mohamed was born 1st Jan 1962 in Jowhar town Lower Shabelle region of the
    Hirshablle State of Federal Government and moved to Mogadishu in earlier age he went to
    recruiting the Somali National Army at the National Army Academy (Kuliyadda Jaalasiyad). His personal life has been serving Somali National Policy and military army since his highly
    ranking of Corenelle.

    Mr. Ali graduated from army academy both Police and military academies which has also
    been working and transferring through all the regionals from North to the West during the
    Central government leading by the former President Mohamed Siyad Barre.

    During his football career since he has joined the Somali Football Federation in 2010 as
    member of Executive Committee and followed by in 2018 he has elected as the Senior VicePresident of the Federation at full term of 2019-2022. Which he has leaded lots of great
    achievement since 2018 for the Olympic games in Djibouti for the Somali National team U23 and followed by the Somali Senior National team for FIFA World Cup Qualification.
    As he leading the current Somali Football Federation board of Executive Committee as acting President in term to the official elective Congress had made an history in Football Somalia as he had organized the Most played national team in SFF to travel abroad 5 times in different age categories and in history of the first time to play AFCON Qualifications 2023 Ivory Coast.

    Somali Football Federation
    of his football career history he has made in Somali National team Youth U17 has won the
    CECAFA Zonal AFCON Qualifications tournament in Addis Ababa Ethiopia and qualified in
    history for the Frist time Final tournament of AFCON U17 in Algeria.



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