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Monday, April 22, 2024


    Muslim business owners in Kenya agrees to work with tax agency to improve compliance

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    Somali Magazine October 17, 2023-The Muslim communities in Kenya have agreed to fully work with the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) in a bid to boost tax outreach and awareness initiatives for enhanced compliance and revenue mobilization.

    While addressing the Eastleigh Business District Association (EBDA) during a roundtable organized by EBDA, Commissioner General Mr. Humphrey Wattanga said that the tax agency was committed to enhancing trade facilitation and simplification of tax payment for national prosperity and enhanced compliance.
    Commissioner Wattanga revealed that through this collaboration, KRA would tailor its engagement and tax outreach framework to respond to the unique needs of the Eastleigh Business Community, and thereby drive compliance.

    Mr. Ahmed Abdullahi , Chairman of EBDA acknowledged the move by KRA citing that regular engagements had greatly improved the perception of the Authority among the Business Community. “Our people are willing to work with KRA and contribute their share of taxes towards the 3 trillion mark, and even exceed it. Tax must be paid; tax evasion is criminal and whoever evades must face the full force of the law,”. Mr. Abdullahi reiterated that the Business Community shared Kenya’s industrialization vision, further saying that it was time to invest and focus on production through industries, as this would yield more revenue for the Government.

    KRA thanked the EBDA leadership for donating an office space for the Tax Service Office which has led to improved customer relations and engagements, and for their support of KRA compliance support services enabled by the Revenue Service Assistants (RSAs).
    Taxman also pointed out that to better tax practices through advocacy for the enactment of business-enabling legislation and tax harmonization within the East African Community to ensure fair and competitive business practices.

    Mr Wattanga added that they will continue the collaboration to strengthen tax compliance. KRA remains committed to supporting and facilitating all taxpayers to pay their correct share of taxes and comply with tax obligations.

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