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Sunday, October 1, 2023


    Muslims in Berlin decry lack of burial places, demand urgent solution

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    Since more room is required to accommodate more graves, there aren’t enough cemeteries for Muslims in Berlin, which has been a problem for decades.

    The Berlin state government was ordered by the umbrella organisations founded by Muslims working in the nation’s capital to find an immediate solution to the issue of cemeteries where Muslims are interred using Islamic practises.

    The first generation of Muslims who immigrated to Germany as workers prefer to be buried in their native countries, particularly in Turkey, even if the number of Muslims who want to be buried there is rising.

    The relatives who will visit their graves and offer prayers for them after they pass away live in the country they wish to be buried in, thus the majority of second and third generation Muslims in Germany prefer to do so.

    Gatow Cemetery, which is situated in Berlin’s westernmost neighbourhood, has recently begun to reach capacity.

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    He also noted that a similar circumstance occurred in 2018, and that in 2021, 20 Muslim bodies were left waiting in Berlin over the New Year’s holiday because the Gatow Cemetery was full.

    Then, he continued, the issue was momentarily resolved.

    Gul claims that there are currently over 300,000 Muslims living in Berlin, and that figure will continue to grow.

    “The first generation’s offspring and grandchildren wish to be buried here. It is the responsibility of the state to see that persons are buried in accordance with their religious beliefs. We seek a long-lasting answer. This issue needs to be resolved immediately “said he.


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