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Monday, July 22, 2024


    NATO Air Police have been placed on high alert after a Russian fighter plane approaches a Polish aircraft.

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    NATO Air Policing soldiers have been placed on high alert after a Russian fighter jet approached a Polish Border Guard aircraft over the Black Sea on Tuesday, according to the Polish press agency PAP.

    According to Polish Border Guard spokesperson Anna Michalska, the Polish crew briefly lost control of the aircraft before landing safely.

    According to her, the plane landed safely at Mihail Kogalniceanu Airport and no crew members were harmed as a result of the event.

    The Border Guard aircraft, a Turbolet L-410, was intercepted. According to PAP, citing a NATO Headquarters statement, the aircraft was attacked three times on Friday by a Russian fighter jet that “performed aggressive and dangerous manoeuvres.”

    The jet was executing routine patrol sorties over the Black Sea in international airspace under the aegis of Frontex in collaboration with Romanian agencies. Around 13:20 (10:20GMT), the incident occurred 60 kilometers (37 miles) east of Romanian airspace.

    NATO Air Policing forces have been placed on high alert and told to “remain vigilant.”

    According to the Romanian Ministry of National Defense, the “aggressive and dangerous maneuvers” frequently executed by Russian Federation fighters in the area of the Polish aircraft produced severe turbulence and difficulty in operating the machine.

    The NATO Combined Air Operations Center in Torrejon was notified of two combat aircraft from the Romanian Air Force and two from the Spanish Air Force operating under the Air Police Combat Service. They were prepared to act at any time, but there was no need.

    Poland, Spain, and Sweden are also taking part in an operation in the Black Sea region to combat illegal migration, illicit fishing, marine pollution, and other forms of cross-border crime. Since 2019, Operation Western Black Sea MMO has been held annually.

    Michalska stated that choices will be made after the situation is investigated.

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