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Monday, July 22, 2024


    NATO chief and European Council head condemn Trump’s NATO remarks.

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    Somali Magazine – NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg and European Council President Charles Michel reacted on Sunday to former US President Donald Trump’s statement that he would not intervene in any Russian strike against NATO partners who did not meet their financial responsibilities.

    In an interview with Norwegian TV2, Stoltenberg stated, “Any suggestion that allies will not defend each other undermines our security.”

    “I expect the US to remain a strong and devoted ally of NATO, whoever wins the presidential election,” he went on to say.
    Meanwhile, Michel stated on X that reckless assertions against NATO’s security and Article 5 solidarity serve only the interests of Russian President Vladimir Putin. They do not increase global security or peace.

    “On the contrary, they highlight the need for the (EU) to urgently strengthen its strategic autonomy and invest in its defence. “And to keep our Alliance strong,” he said.

    In a rally in South Carolina on Saturday, Trump stated that when he was president, he warned that he would not interfere if Russia attacked any NATO allies who did not meet their financial obligations.

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