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Monday, July 22, 2024


    NATO demands that Russia comply with the New START nuclear pact.

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    NATO urged Russia on Friday to comply with the New START nuclear pact in order to maintain world stability.

    The North Atlantic Council, NATO’s highest decision-making body, stated in a statement that it is “concerned” that Russia has “failed to comply with legally-binding duties” under the New START deal.

    The deal, signed in 2010 and extended for another five years in 2021, intends to regulate and reduce strategic nuclear capabilities employed by the United States and Russia.

    According to NATO, Russia’s unwillingness to convene the treaty’s implementation committee and to permit US inspection since August “prevents the US from exercising essential rights under the Treaty.”

    NATO emphasised the importance of effective arms control to international peace and security, and asked Russia to fulfil its duties by permitting checks and participating in the implementation committee’s work.

    “The New START Treaty continues to be in the national security interests of all states, including NATO Allies,” the statement stated.

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