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Sunday, October 1, 2023


    NATO is sending an additional 700 troops to Kosovo due to clashes.

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    Due to the continued tensions, the head of NATO on Tuesday announced the deployment of 700 more troops in Kosovo.

    In a press conference with Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store, Jens Stoltenberg announced that the alliance will place a battalion from the reserve army on high alert so that it may be called into action if necessary.

    Attacks in Kosovo “must stop,” according to Stoltenberg.

    At least 30 NATO soldiers were hurt in confrontations at the time of his remarks.

    During the NATO peacekeeping campaign in Kosovo (KFOR), 11 Italian and 19 Hungarian soldiers suffered multiple wounds, including burns and fractures from IEDs.

    Three Hungarian soldiers were also shot by weapons, although KFOR reported on Tuesday that their wounds weren’t life-threatening.

    The injured employees are currently being monitored at a medical institution.

    Kosovo is tense as a result of the election of ethnic Albanian mayors, with demonstrators and security personnel squabbling in the northern Serb-dominated municipalities.

    Serbs are the second-largest ethnic group in Kosovo, notably in the northern regions close to the Serbian border, after Albanians.

    According to hospital reports, shock bombs and tear gas have harmed more than 53 individuals.


    – Sweden’s accession to NATO is “possible” before the July summit

    Prior to the June 11–12 NATO Summit in Lithuania, Stoltenberg stated that Sweden’s application for membership in NATO is “absolutely possible.”

    He said that the alliance as a whole would benefit from Sweden joining, stating that six weeks is “long enough” to bring about the change.

    Following the press conference, he posted a tweet that read, “I am in close contact with Turkish authorities to ensure Sweden joins as soon as possible.”

    In November of last year, Sweden passed an anti-terror law in the hopes that Ankara would accept Stockholm’s request to join NATO. Authorities will be able to bring charges against anyone who support terrorist organisations thanks to the new law, which becomes effective on June 1.

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