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Sunday, April 21, 2024


    Nigeria is commemorating its 63rd anniversary of independence.

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    On Sunday, Nigeria marked the 63rd anniversary of its independence from Britain.

    After nearly three decades of colonialism, the country gained independence from British administration on October 1, 1960.

    President Bola Ahmed Tinubu stated in a countrywide address that the founding fathers’ efforts made a modern Nigeria possible.

    “There wouldn’t have been a modern Nigeria without the sacrifices of our forefathers,” he said, asking Nigerians not to let the country’s current economic woes dim their prospects for survival.

    Nigeria, the continent’s largest economy, is facing inflation. According to a recent National Bureau of Statistics data, inflation increased to 25.3% in September from 23.8% in August.

    However, the president committed to solve the issue through different economic measures, including investments in small businesses.

    He praised Nigerians’ fortitude in the face of adversity, calling them “remarkable in character, joined by a common dream for prosperity and a unifying idea for growth.”

    Nigeria is home to roughly 215 million people.

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