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Friday, July 19, 2024


    No more diesel cars by 2024 as focuses shift to EV cars, Volvo car announces

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    Somali Magazine September 21,2023-Swedish-based automaker Volvo Cars has announced that it will end production of all diesel-powered car models by early 2024.

    The global vehicle manufacturer have plans to sell only fully electric cars by 2030 and to reach climate neutrality by 2040.

    In a press statement  “In a few months from now, the last diesel-powered Volvo car will have been built, making Volvo Cars one of the first legacy car makers to take this step.”

    Jim Rowan, Volvo Cars CEO “Electric powertrains are our future, and superior to combustion engines: they generate less noise, less vibration, less servicing costs for our customers and zero tailpipe emissions.”

    He further added that “We’re fully focused on creating a broad portfolio of premium, fully electric cars that deliver on everything our customers expect from a Volvo – and are a key part of our response to climate change.”

    This new development  follows its 2022 decision to offload the development and manufacturing of internal combustion engines to a subsidiary, Aurobay, held by parent company Geely, which Volvo then divested itself from in late 2022.

    While this effectively ensures Volvo is able to claim it is no longer developing or investing in internal combustion engine models, its parent company Geely still continues to do so.

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