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Tuesday, June 18, 2024


    Over 500 people are murdered as Israel bombs Gaza’s Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital, according to the Health Ministry.

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    Somali Magazine October 18, 203- More than 500 people were murdered in an Israeli bombardment on Gaza’s Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital on Tuesday, according to Health Ministry spokesman Ashraf al-Qudra.

    Corpses were seen scattered over the hospital grounds on video footage.

    According to an Anadolu reporter, thousands of Palestinians were at the hospital when it was bombed.

    The Israeli army, for its part, stated that reports of an airstrike on the hospital “are still under review.”

    According to The Times of Israel, Daniel Hagari, an Israeli army spokesman, stated that he does not yet have all of the information and that more details will be supplied as soon as feasible.

    The official stated that he does not yet know if the hospital bomb was caused by an Israeli strike.

    The Palestinian party Hamas described Israel’s attack on the hospital as “genocide.”

    The airstrike came on day 11 of the current conflict, with an increasing international chorus of non-governmental organizations and world leaders claiming that Israel’s bombing campaign on the besieged Gaza Strip, including healthcare facilities, homes, and houses of worship, violates international law and may constitute a war crime.

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