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Sunday, June 23, 2024


    Pakistan’s ex-premier gets bail in seven cases

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    Imran Khan, the nation’s former prime minister, was granted protective bail by a Pakistani high court on Thursday in seven different instances for the following ten days.

    According to court documents, the Islamabad High Court’s two-member bench in the nation’s capital ordered Khan to go before an anti-terrorist court in connection with cases against him involving terrorism within the following ten days.

    The former PM was accompanied by a half-dozen security officers as he arrived at the courthouse in a black bulletproof SUV, as seen on numerous local broadcasters.

    In a another image, Khan was seen utilizing a wheelchair to enter the courthouse while wearing loose-fitting white shalwar-kameez, a black waistcoat, and sunglasses.

    His center-right Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party claims that doctors have “strictly” instructed him to restrict his movement to prevent infection of his wounds following a November assassination attempt.

    Khan narrowly escaped the attack while leading an anti-government march toward Islamabad; since then, he has been living in his Lahore home and frequently misses court appearances for reasons of health and security.

    He has claimed time and time again that the government is attempting to plan his murder by jeopardizing his safety during court proceedings.

    The only premier of the nation to have been deposed by a parliamentary vote of no confidence is Khan, 70. Numerous charges are being brought against him, including money laundering, attempted murder, and terrorism.

    Khan describes the majority of these as “sham” cases that were filed after he was removed from office, which he attributes to a US-backed plot. Both the coalition government in power in Islamabad and in Washington have categorically denied these assertions.

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