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Thursday, February 22, 2024


    People in Somalia who are suffering from drought receive aid from Qatar Charity.

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    About 5,000 food baskets from Qatar Charity have been given to drought victims and displaced people in Mogadishu, Baidoa, Gedo, and Lower Juba.

    These handouts helped 1,200 affected households, or around 7,200 people, by providing them with food baskets that are sufficient for a month.

    The project’s implementation fits into Qatar Charity’s efforts to lessen people’s daily burdens in light of the drought that forced many people to leave their homes and seek refuge in displacement camps. From these camps, relief teams from Qatar Charity travelled to the affected areas and dispersed aid.

    Since July, more than 30,000 people have received benefits for being displaced.

    Since Baidoa alone houses more than 700,000 displaced Somalis, Abdullah Ali, a representative of Baidoa municipal government, applauded Qatar Charity’s engagement on behalf of the drought-affected displaced to lessen their suffering.

    Siyad Mohamed Hassan, a representative of Tobli City, said: “We applaud the Qatari benefactors and Qatar Charity for their contributions to support drought-affected households.

    Nour Hassan Ali, a representative of the Banadir region’s Gersabali region, hailed Qatar Charity for its assistance to the displaced family. In the governorates of Middle Shabelle, Lower Shabelle, Bay, and Buckol, he stated, “The food baskets distribution operation targeted the families who recently arrived at the camps for the displaced in the region.” The majority of the displaced are pastoralists and farmers who were compelled to escape in order to protect their children from famine and contagious diseases due to the drought. They welcomed this assistance because it lessened their misery.

    According to Maryam Mahmoud in this situation, “I used to have a farm and a herd of cows, so I didn’t need this help, but the drought and the delay in the rainy season forced us to move to this camp. I appreciate the help that Qatar Charity and the altruistic citizens of Qatar have provided in easing the agony of uprooting.” It is important to note that 7.7 million people in Somalia are in need of humanitarian aid due to the country’s worst drought in 40 years. Many households have moved to big cities in search of safe drinking water as a result of the drought’s severe water deficit.

    Under the slogan “Stop the Famine of Somalia,” Qatar Charity initiated an urgent response initiative to address the drought in Somalia in 2022. Under this initiative, immediate relief was delivered, and those in need of it were met.

    This year, Qatar Charity implemented 37 water projects across all of Somalia, focusing on urban centres in outlying areas without access to essential utilities.

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