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Monday, July 22, 2024


    Somali Magazine’s Person of the Year 2023 “Dr Shaafi Adan Dirir”

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    Somali Magazine’s Person of theYear 2023
    Dr Shaafi  Adan Dirir
    The Co-Founder of the Shaafi Hospital and General Surgeon, Laparoscopic Specialist

    Dr. Adan Dirir Shaafi  is the co-founder of the Shaafi Hospital in Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu. Dr. Shaafi is regarded as one of the country’s finest surgeons, performing a wide variety of procedures that are only available at his facility. He founded Shaafi Hospital while he was still acting as the Dean of Medicine and Surgery at Somalia National University.

    Dr. Adan Dirir Shaafi ‘s journey in medicine began at Pavia University in Italy, setting the stage for a remarkable career. His surgical endeavors commenced at the Hospital SS Antonio and Biagio- Cesare Arrigo in Alessandria, Italy, followed by specialization in thoracic surgery in Milan. Italy not only honed his skills but also provided avenues for international exposure through medical training and conferences.

    In 2013, Dr. Shaafi  heeded the call to Mogadishu, recognizing a significant need for his expertise. At Fiqi Hospital and Al-Biri Hospital, he contributed to healthcare in Somalia. Establishing Shaafi Hospital, he tirelessly worked to enhance medical services, even pioneering cancer treatments previously unavailable in the country.

    Beyond professional accomplishments, Dr. Shaafi ‘s philanthropic spirit shone through. Offering free surgeries, especially for financially challenged children, and engaging with Somalis on social media to provide medical advice demonstrated his commitment to community well-being.

    Shaafi Hospital’s impact extended nationwide, reaching areas beyond the capital. Dr. Shaafi ‘s visits to remote regions ensured medical care for those unable to travel, showcasing his commitment to inclusivity.

    Recognition and honors from Somalia highlighted Dr. Shaafi ‘s groundbreaking achievements, from being the first in Mogadishu to perform laparoscopic surgery to Shaafi Hospital’s consistent excellence, winning the best-performing private hospital accolade multiple times.

    In 2023, Somali Magazine acknowledged Dr. Shaafi as Person of the Year for the second time, underscoring his ongoing dedication to charitable surgeries and healthcare initiatives. His multifaceted contributions, blending surgical skill, administrative acumen, and philanthropy, solidify Dr. Adan Dirir Shaafi’s unique and esteemed role in Somali society.



    “Dr. Shafii Adan Dirir took out a pancreatic tumor that weighed 4.110 kilograms from a Somali woman who had been sick with it.”



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