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Thursday, May 30, 2024


    PM of Somalia asks Qatari businessmen to make investments in his nation

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    Somali Magazine September 07, 2023-Yesterday, Rashid bin Hamad Al Athba, the Qatar Chamber’s second vice-chairman, met with the prime minister of Somalia, H E Hamza Abdi Barre.

    Along with the accompanying delegation to the PM, QC board members and Qatari businesses also attended the meeting, which was place at the Sheraton Hotel.

    The meeting’s main objectives were to examine bilateral economic and commercial cooperation as well as the possible contribution of the private sector to the growth of bilateral investments.

    The prime minister of Somalia extended an invitation to Qatari investors to make investments in his nation, which offers numerous prospects in a range of industries. Barre complimented the good ties between Somalia and Qatar and emphasised the importance of Qatar as one of Somalia’s main trading partners. He referred to Qatar’s continuing, crucial infrastructure projects and the humanitarian efforts that have tremendously aided countless Somali families.
    He also emphasised Somalia’s strong desire to draw Qatari capital into the country’s infrastructure, fintech, and energy industries. Barre emphasised that the government of Somalia is fully willing to provide incentives and support Qatari investors interested in aiding the nation’s development.


    Rashid bin Hamad Al Athba, the second vice-chairman of the QC, praised the close ties between the two nations in his remarks. He emphasised how eager Qatari businesspeople were to research Somalia’s economic environment and potential.

    The success of some Qatari businesspeople who have made investments in Somalia was also mentioned, and he expressed hope for additional investments by the Qatari private sector in the nation.

    Abdulrahman Al Ansari, a member of the QC board, claimed that Somalia and Africa as a whole provide appealing investment markets. He reaffirmed the Qatari side’s strong desire to comprehend the wealth of benefits and potential in Somalia.

    Abdulrahman bin Abduljaleel Al-Abdulghani, a member of the QC board, emphasised the significance of undertaking exhaustive research on the potential present in Somalia to give Qatari businesspeople with crucial insights.

    For businessmen from both countries to better understand the investment climates in both countries, QC board member Shaheen Al Mohannadi emphasised the importance of reciprocal visits.

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