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Thursday, February 22, 2024


    Premier Bank extends helping hand to the victims of zobe 2 attack

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    Premier Bank has donated $100,000 to the emergency campaign for the people effected by the deadly suicide attack that occurred in Mogadishu on Saturday 29 October 2022. This contribution was intended to facilitate ongoing emergency operations, to save the lives of the people who are badly injured and to participate in the emergency efforts of the community to help victims.

    Abdishakur Afrah, the head of Business of Premier Bank, expressed that they will work closely with the emergency committees and anyone who wants to assist the needy people impacted by the recent tragedy to achieve a positive ending. “The bank fulfils its obligation and responsibility towards the community and always ready for extending assistance to the people, particularly at critical times like now.” says Afrah

    “Those who died left orphanages who need to be sheltered, those who are injured need to be taken care of and those who lost their businesses need to be financially supported. And that’s what Premier Bank is worried about and will give a hand,” he added.

    All bank officials send their condolences to the families and relatives of the people who died in the Zobe 2 suicide attack on Saturday, hoping quick recovery for the injured.

    The bank also calls for unity at such times and for the community to come forward to take part in emergency responses to save the victims and their families, showing how important it is to stick together and help each other during these hard times.

    The bank supports assisting communities with disaster recovery and often plays a vital role in helping communities recover from disasters and help rebuild destroyed property through low-interest loans, charitable donations, and volunteer efforts. It can also help businesses reopen, which helps community members return to work and access the necessary goods and services.

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