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Thursday, June 8, 2023


    President Biden supports Africa’s participation in the G20

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    The African Union should permanently join the G20 group of nations, according to US President Joe Biden.

    The president is quoted by a France24 journalist as saying, “Africa belongs to the table in every room where challenges are being discussed and in every institution where debates are taking place.”

    This occurred during the US-Africa summit, which was held in Washington, DC, and is thought to have been an attempt by America to assert its influence once again in Africa in opposition to Chinese involvement.

    Judd Devermont, a member of the National Security Council, stated that “we need more African voices in international conversations that concern the global economy, democracy and governance, climate change, health and security” in the days leading up to the summit when there were reports the president would make such overtures.

    At the moment, there are no African nations with permanent seats in the G20.

    Investment, commerce, and energy were among the major themes covered at the summit, which ends on Thursday.

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