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Tuesday, June 18, 2024


    President celebrates Eid with children of fallen soldiers and pledges to uphold their legacy.

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    Mogadishu, SOMALI MAGAZINE. In a touching Eid celebration, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud stood in solidarity with the orphaned children of troops who gave their lives in the fight against terror. The President expressed his heartfelt admiration for the martyrs who fought heroically to safeguard the country, assuring that their heroic actions were not forgotten.

    During the ceremony, President Mohamud shared moments of joy and memory with the children whose parents gave the ultimate sacrifice. He underlined the necessity of maintaining these heroes’ legacies, ensuring that their memories are cherished and that their efforts to peace and security continue to inspire future generations.

    The President’s dedication to the welfare of the troops’ families was clear when he pledged to continue to help them, recognizing the tremendous effect of their loss. The meeting served as a reminder of the continuing spirit of those who served, as well as the nation’s continuous togetherness and tenacity in the face of tragedy.


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