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Sunday, April 21, 2024


    President Hasan emphasizes the necessity for global solutions to interconnected concerns.

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    At the Italy-Africa Summit in Rome, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud emphasized the need for global solutions to our interconnected challenges, highlighting the importance of migration, a phenomenon that has shaped human history and is driven by various factors, including conflict, poverty, and climate change.

    “In Somalia, factors like insecurity, limited economic opportunities, and climate change drive migration. I highlighted Africa’s significant contribution to Europe’s reconstruction and growth through migration, benefiting both continents via remittances, knowledge transfer, and diaspora investment. I addressed the serious concerns over perilous migrant journeys across the Mediterranean, exacerbated by human traffickers.

    I stressed the importance of respecting each nation’s sovereignty and territorial integrity for effective international cooperation and progressive change. The Africa-Italy partnership cannot and will not work under certain conditions. It is untenable if one African state decides to break international laws by attempting to annex the territory of another, as Ethiopia has unsuccessfully attempted to do in my country. This illegal action will cause tensions, conflict, and regional instability if it is not retracted. This will, in turn, exacerbate the migration, mobility, and security challenges we are here to address together,” he added.

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