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Friday, April 12, 2024


    President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and high-level daligation arrived in Galmudug State.

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    President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has arrived in Dhuusamareeb, the capital of Galmudug Regional State, accompanied by a distinguished team of government ministries and military personnel. This historic visit aims to strengthen collaboration and coordination between the central government and Galmudug’s administration and security forces in their steadfast commitment to combating the Al-Shabaab threat.

    President Mohamud’s presence was warmly welcomed by Galmudug Regional State President Ahmed Abdi Kariye and Vice President Ali Dahir Eid, as well as the renowned Speaker and Members of the Galmudug Parliament. The President has taken the unusual step of temporarily transferring his office to Dhuusamareeb, where he will command operations in the next days, demonstrating his administration’s commitment to finishing the first phase of the war against Al-Shabaab.

    President Mohamud has led a robust two-phase counterterrorism effort since his re-election last year. The successful conclusion of phase one witnessed the liberation of both Hirshabelle and Galmudug states, a key step towards reducing Al-Shabaab’s presence in the region. With the completion of this first phase quickly approaching, the attention will move to the larger and more ambitious phase two.

    The following phase, which is set to begin immediately after the first, is set to expand its coverage across the Southwest State and Jubbaland State. This strategic expansion underscores the administration’s unrelenting commitment to eliminating the Al-Shabaab insurgency and establishing long-term stability in the region.

    President Mohamud commended Galmudug’s strong spirit and leadership in their steadfast stance against extremist forces. He emphasised the critical importance of ongoing Galmudug area stabilisation operations, emphasising the administration’s commitment to conflict resolution, community involvement, and strengthening national defence capabilities.

    President Mohamud’s visit to Galmudug marks a new era of improved collaborations and concentrated efforts in the persistent quest of peace and security. The unified front against terror is a ray of hope, blazing the route to a brighter and more secure future for Somalia and its resilient people.

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