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Sunday, April 21, 2024


    President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud extends Ramadan greetings to the Somali people.

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    Somali Magazine – President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, the renowned leader of the Federal Republic of Somalia, has sent sincere greetings to the Somali people and the whole Islamic community as they begin the beautiful month of Ramadan.

    In a message published from Villa Somalia, President Mohamud stressed the importance of Ramadan—a season of kindness, introspection, and spiritual rejuvenation. He urged all citizens to come together in compassion and solidarity, particularly to help those in need during this holy season.

    “Ramadan is a time for self-reflection, prayer, and acts of kindness,” President Mohamud declared. “Let us remember our brothers and sisters who are experiencing adversity and poverty. Together, we can make a difference by lending a helping hand and sharing our benefits.”

    The president asked Somalis to pray for peace, security, and prosperity for their country. Despite the hurdles created by violence and instability, he expressed confidence that collaborative efforts will result in constructive development.

    “May Allah accept our good deeds and shower His blessings upon our land,” President Mohamud ended.

    As the Somali community celebrate Ramadan, let us show solidarity, compassion, and optimism. Ramadan Kareem to everyone.

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