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Sunday, April 21, 2024


    President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud visits UNEA in Nairobi to explore answers for Somalia’s climate difficulties and peace challenges.

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    Mogadishu, SOMALI MAGAZINE. H.E. President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud will travel to Nairobi, Kenya, today to attend this year’s United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA), which will focus on ”effective, inclusive, and sustainable multilateral actions to tackle climate change, biodiversity loss, and pollution.

    During the Summit, the President will emphasize Somalia’s unique environmental issues, notably the country’s climate-induced humanitarian predicament, and discuss how to collaborate with global partners to achieve a sustainable future for Somalia.

    In addition, President Hassan Sheikh will discuss the challenges to regional peace, stability, and sustainable development. He will examine how some disruptive unilateral acts have the potential to aggravate the already dire situation.

    The President will hold bilateral side discussions with heads of state and government, as well as other heads of delegation, to enhance connections and explore prospects for collaboration on environmental problems.

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