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Tuesday, April 23, 2024


    President Mohamud arrives in Middle Shabelle region, signalling new phase in Al-Shabaab offensive

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    On Sunday, a group lead by President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud arrived in the Middle Shabelle region’s Aden Yabal district.

    Senior federal government officials on the group included the Minister of Defense and the Commander of the Somali Armed Forces.

    Hirshabelle President Ali Guudlawe and other Hirshabelle administration officials greeted President Mohamud. Security has been greatly increased in the Aden Yabal district, with additional government forces sent to patrol the district’s roadways to ensure safety as the President begins his meetings with local officials.

    President Hassan Sheikh is likely to formally launch the second phase of military operations against the Al-Shabaab in the Adan Yabal district, according to sources.

    Early this month, Somali President Hussein Sheikh-national Ali’s security advisor indicated that three neighboring nations – Djibouti, Ethiopia, and Kenya – would send additional troops to bolster Somali forces against Al-Shabab in the next phase of military operations.

    Ali, the advisor, underlined that the new forces would not be operating under the auspices of AMISOM.

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