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Tuesday, June 18, 2024


    Protests erupt in Mogadishu over the Ethiopia-Somaliland agreement.

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    Somali Magazine – Thousands of outraged Somalis marched through Mogadishu on Wednesday night to protest a treaty between Ethiopia and Somaliland, which they perceive as a threat to their sovereignty and territorial integrity.

    Protesters yelled slogans and waved flags in support with Somalia’s government and President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, who have denounced the agreement as a violation of international law and the African Union charter.

    Protesters accused Ethiopia of interfering in Somalia’s domestic affairs and attempting to divide Somalis.

    They also urged the world community to intervene and put an end to Ethiopia’s aggressiveness.

    “We support our government and President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud’s decision that they will never negotiate on the soil and the presidency of the Somali nation,” one of the demonstrators, Asha Hassan Noor, stated.

    There were no reports of violence during the peaceful protest. Somali security officers were sent in to keep the peace and protect the protesters.

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