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Monday, July 22, 2024


    Puntland State President picks 36 ministers to constitute the government.

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    Somali Magazine – Puntland regional administration President Said Abdullahi Deni nominated deputy and state ministers to complete his cabinet on Friday night.

    Said Deni nominated 22 deputy ministers and 14 state ministers, joining the 21 ministers he had already selected, increasing the total number of cabinet members to 57.

    The designated deputy ministers are listed below:

    1. Deputy Minister of Justice and Religious Affairs: Maryan Osman Ahmed (Fangase)

    2. Deputy Minister of Security: Mohamed Ahmed Qahiye

    3. Deputy Minister of Interior, Federal and Democracy Affairs: Abdirahman Khalif Farah

    4. Deputy Minister of Finance: Eng. Abdullahi Ismail Mohamed

    5. Deputy Minister of Revenue for Finance: Ahmed Mohamed Bulhan

    6. Deputy Minister of Planning: Eng. Mohamed Hassan Ibrahim

    7. Deputy Minister of Education: Mohamed Diiriye Gama’did

    8. Deputy Minister of Health: Dr. Abdirashid Haji Jama

    9. Deputy Minister of Public Works: Abduqadir Mohamed Gaylan

    10. Deputy Minister of Ports: Farah Ali Abdi

    11. Deputy Minister of Aviation and Airports: Abdirashid Sheikh Ali (Dhagasayn)

    12. Deputy Minister of Women: Saido Hussein Ali

    13. Deputy Minister of Information: Yaqub Mohamed Addalla

    14. Deputy Minister of Trade: Abdikarin Mohamed Hassan

    15. Deputy Minister of Animal Husbandry: Dr. Ahmed Cartan Mohamed

    16. Deputy Minister of Environment, Pasture, and Climate Change: Ayub Ali Ahmed

    17. Deputy Minister of Fisheries: Mohamud Mohamed Ali Gabah

    18. Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Affairs: Farah Jama Boos

    19. Deputy Minister of Energy: Said Salat Mohamed

    20. Deputy Minister of Relief and Disaster Management: Ahmed Said Qaloombi

    21. Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation: Faisal Ali Ismail

    22. Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports: Said Salah Seed

    The appointed ministers of state are as follows:


    1. Minister of State for the Ministry of Justice and Religious Affairs: Abdul Ali Warasme

    2. Minister of State for the Ministry of Security: Kayse Abdi Yusuf

    3. Minister of State for the Ministry of Interior: Yusuf Mohamed Waays Dhedo

    4. Minister of State for Finance Ministry: Mohamud Sheikh Eid Musa

    5. Minister of State for Planning: Farah Mohamud Aw- Osman

    6. Minister of State for the Ministry of Education: Abdisalan Ali Farah Biligsay

    7. Minister of State for Health: Ahmed Sheikh Farah Mohamed

    8. Minister of State for Ports: Mohamed Said Hassan

    9. Minister of State for Aviation and Airports: Said Mohamed Warsame Aware

    10. Minister of State for the Ministry of Animal Husbandry: Abdinasir Ahmed Adan

    11. Minister of State for the Ministry of Fisheries: Said Mohamed Rage

    12. Minister of State for the Ministry of Energy: Abdirahman Ali Ismail

    13. Minister of State for the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation: Abduqadir Jama Ali Afrax

    14. Minister of State for the Presidency: Abdifitah Mohamed Abdinur

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