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Thursday, May 30, 2024


    Puntland State will hold incoming National Consultative Council conference to discuss the current condition in the country.

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    Puntland State regional President Said Abdullahi Deni has confirmed that the region’s capital, Garowe, will host the forthcoming National Consultative Council conference, which will address a number of critical issues confronting the country.

    During a press conference on Tuesday, Deni confirmed that President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud had approved the conference’s location in Garowe.

    He went on to say that Deputy Prime Minister Salah Jama has been tasked with preparing the agendas for the meetings.

    The regional leaders’ opinions come against the backdrop of a recent conflict between Puntland State and the Federal Government over the completion of the constitution and the 2022 elections, which President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud won.

    Last August, the semi-autonomous Puntland region announced that it had severed all ties with the federal government.

    Puntland accused the central administration in Mogadishu of refusing to share power and foreign aid intended for Federal Member States.

    However, Said Deni’s recent inauguration ceremony, which brought together all levels of government, including President Mohamud, provided an opportunity for Mohamud and Deni to mend ties and ensure harmonious collaboration for the benefit of the Somali people and the country as a whole.

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