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Monday, June 17, 2024


    Puntland’s military court executes ten individuals for Al-Shabaab participation.

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    On Sunday, Puntland’s military court sentenced ten individuals to death for being members of the Al-Shabaab terrorist organization.

    Adde Abdullahi Mohamed Ilmi and Abdiqani Saleeman Jama Saylor, two of the accused, were convicted of the murder of freelance radio journalist Jamal Farah Adan in Galka’ayo. After exhausting all appeals, both men were sentenced to death.

    The ten men sentenced by a Puntland military court were deemed to be Al Shabaab members who carried out killings in Galka’ayo.

    Puntland killed 19 Al-Shabaab members earlier this month after they were convicted of killings and bombings in Bosaso and Galka’ayo.

    The following men were sentenced:

    1. Adde Abdullahi Mohamed Ilmi
    2. Abdiqani Saleeman Jama Saylor
    3. Hassan Jama Mohamed
    4. Mohamed Ali Ahmae Muse
    5. Farhan Faisal Salad Hirsi
    6. Abdullahi Faisal Hussein
    7. Barkhad Awil Hirsi Nur
    8. Liban Aden Muse
    9. Abdiqani Farhan Abdullahi
    10. Abdirahman Awil Mohamed
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