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Thursday, September 28, 2023


    Puntland’s President will not attend the National Consultative Council meeting in Baidoa.

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    On Thursday, the Federal Government and regional state officials will hold a National Consultative Council meeting in Baidoa, the interim administrative capital of South West regional state.

    President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, Prime Minister Hamsa Abdi Barre, Mayor Yusuf Hussein Jimale of Mogadishu, President of Hirshabelle Ali Gudlawe Hussein, and President of Galmudug Ahmed Abdi Kariye QoorQoor will attend the meeting. Simultaneously, Jubbaland President Ahmed Madobe is set to arrive today.

    Puntland President Said Abdullahi Deni, on the other hand, will not be attending the summit. Puntland claimed on January 9 that it is “now operating as an autonomous government,” accusing the federal government of attempting to revert to a centralized federal administration.

    Deni also indicated that at the most recent National Consultative Council meeting in Mogadishu, he refused to endorse two articles because they were anti-federalism.

    In recent months, tensions between Mogadishu and Puntland have grown over the distribution of political, judicial, and security authority.

    The meeting of the National Consultative Council will cover a wide range of topics, including elections, the war against Al-Shabaab, the country’s security, politics, and economic difficulties. The agenda for the conference was announced by Daud Aweys, the country’s Minister of Information.

    This will be the seventh meeting of the National Consultative Council after President Mohamud was elected on May 15, 2022.

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