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Thursday, April 11, 2024


    Qatar Ambassador Launches Iftar Program for the Needy in Mogadishu.

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    In a heartwarming gesture of solidarity and compassion, His Excellency HE Dr. Abdullah bin Salem Al Nuaimi, the Ambassador of the State of Qatar to Somalia, personally inaugurated an iftar program aimed at supporting vulnerable communities in Mogadishu during the holy month of Ramadan.

    The event, held at the SoDMA headquarter’s in Mogadishu, witnessed the ambassador’s active involvement in ensuring that essential meals reach those in need.

    The joint initiative between the Somali Disaster Management Agency (SoDMA) and Qatar Charity aims to provide iftar meals to 10,200 families across Somalia. Ambassador Al Nuaimi’s personal commitment underscores the unwavering support of the Qatari people, who stand in solidarity with their Somali brothers and sisters.

    In addition to launching the iftar program, Qatar has a longstanding history of humanitarian assistance in Somalia. The country has financed crucial road projects linking Mogadishu to cities like Afgoye and Jowhar, enhancing economic connectivity. Furthermore, Qatar’s contributions extend to the rehabilitation of government buildings, provision of armoured vehicles to support the Somali armed forces, and active involvement in relief efforts during natural disasters.

    Ambassador Al Nuaimi’s presence at the event exemplifies the deep-rooted friendship between Qatar and Somalia. His role in personally launching the iftar program reflects the genuine care and commitment of the Qatari people, who extend their hands in kindness to those in need.

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