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Tuesday, June 18, 2024


    Ramadan projects for 1 million individuals in 40 countries begin with Qatar Charity.

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    Qatar Charity (QC) has began undertaking Ramadan initiatives in 40 countries through its field offices and local partners as part of the ‘Ramadan: Leave Your Mark’ campaign.

    The almost QR31 million projects are estimated to assist over 1 million individuals worldwide.

    These programs focus on disaster and crisis-affected countries such as Syria, Turkey, Somalia, Bangladesh (including Rohingya refugees), and Palestine, as well as people most in need in underprivileged areas.

    According to Nawaf al-Hammadi, QC’s CEO’s assistant for international operations and programs, there are three key projects: Feed the Fasting (Food Packages, Iftar Meals, and Iftar Tables), Zakat al-Fitr, and Eid Clothes.

    The ‘Feed the Fasting’ project will run throughout the holy month, while the other two are scheduled to begin soon. The project includes either ready-to-eat Iftar meals or critical food supplies for a family to last the entire month of Ramadan. The almost QR21.3 million initiative is intended to help 452,400 people.

    According to the official, the ‘Zakat al-Fitr’ programme strives to assist disadvantaged families and share the joy of Eid with them. The almost QR8.2 million initiative is intended to assist 542,200 individuals.

    Al-Hammadi stated that the ‘Eid Clothes’ project, which is worth more than QR1.4 million, will help 7,065 orphans. He thanked the philanthropists on behalf of QC for their continuous trust, support to its projects throughout the year, and significant donations to prior Ramadan campaigns. He urged them to support the ‘Ramadan: Leave Your Mark’ initiative so that the anticipated number of beneficiaries might be reached.

    Donations to the ‘Ramadan: Leave Your Mark’ campaign can be made through QC’s website (, app (, branches and collection stations located in malls and commercial centers, or by requesting a “Home Collector” and contacting 44920000.

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