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Friday, December 1, 2023


    Russia ready to provide support to citizen arrested in Germany

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    An official announced on Thursday that a Russian national detained alongside others for allegedly organizing a coup in Germany will receive legal assistance from the Russian Embassy in Berlin.

    At a press conference in Moscow, spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova stated, “Regarding December 7, reports on the custody of 22 people on suspicion of preparing a coup were published on the official website of the German Prosecutor General’s Office.”

    A Russian woman, according to her, was mentioned on the list.

    “The embassy swiftly sent a request for information from the German agency with the specifics of the detention of a Russian citizen. The diplomatic mission also declares its readiness to offer her the appropriate legal and consular support “Added she.

    Zakharova stated that according to Moscow, the incident is “exclusively” an internal German affair and that not enough information is now available.

    On Wednesday, the German Federal Prosecutor’s Office charged a faction of the far right Reichsbuerger Movement with preparing a coup.

    Vitalia B., a Russian citizen, was one of the suspects, and the prosecution claims that the group spoke with Russian diplomats in Germany to get their opinions on a new order.

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