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Saturday, January 28, 2023


    Ruto Discloses Information From His Phone Call With Raila Before Being Named the Next President

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    Prior to Raila Odinga being named the victor of the August 9 general election by IEBC Chairman Wafula Chebukati, President-elect Dr. William Ruto announced that he had spoken with the Azimio candidate.

    William Ruto revealed that he had contacted Raila early on Monday morning to discuss how they would advance the country during his remarks to the media at the Bomas of Kenya.

    Perhaps I should say that this morning, when I spoke with Raila Odinga, my opponent, we decided that, regardless of the results of the polls, we should have a conversation.

    He had stated in Kasarani that he would be open for a handshake, and I replied that I would be available for a cup of tea because there are issues on which we can agree to move the country forward.

    Ruto reiterated his past statements that he did not believe in the handshake, citing the difficulties he encountered during his tenure as president under Uhuru Kenyatta.

    “I am confident that my rival and his team will assume their duty as the opposition in the context of those of us who will be running the executive, so that we can see how we can move the country,” the president-elect said.

    The outgoing second in command made it plain that he favoured a government that is allowed to function freely and unimpeded.

    He did, however, emphasise that, regardless of their political views, his administration would be inclusive and cater for all Kenyans.

    Despite the fact that he admitted not having spoken to President Uhuru, he assured that they will eventually meet.

    “I’m certain we’ll speak at some point this evening or tomorrow. There must be a transition since I am the incoming president. There will be a discussion throughout that transition, Ruto promised.

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