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Tuesday, June 18, 2024


    Sanag residents protest after Somaliland authorities kill a civilian

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    After a civilian was killed by Somaliland security forces on Sunday, locals in the El-Afwayn district of the Sanag region protested in the streets.

    Near the district, a guy who locals have identified as Abokor Omar Ali was slain by specially trained RRU forces from Somaliland. The police officers withheld all information regarding the incident.

    Residents said that police used live bullets to scatter demonstrators who were burning tyres on the main roadways and flying the Somali national flag.

    Despite declaring independence from Somalia in 1991, Somaliland’s status as a sovereign nation has not been acknowledged. In spite of this, the separatist government has taken over control of most of northern Somalia, including the Sanaag area.

    Members of the Somaliland House of Representatives from the Sool region urged the administration to take action against the army killings, which have occurred repeatedly.

    “We are sick of hearing from the government that an investigation is being conducted even if nothing has come of it. This morning, we are standing and waiting for the government to act justly “Iid Hidig, an MP, remarked.

    Due to agreements reached between the clans, long-running interclan disputes in the El-Afwayn district have decreased over the previous two years.

    The recent unrest in the El-Afwayn neighbourhood comes following demonstrations in Las Anod in late December in response to the murders of many intellectuals and politicians by unidentified assailants. Authorities in Somaliland are accused of killing over twenty protesters in order to put an end to the demonstrations.

    In recent weeks, traditional elders from the SSC community have assembled in Las Anod to attempt to resolve the local conflict permanently.

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