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Thursday, June 8, 2023


    Security personnel break the hotel siege near Villa Somalia.

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    Security troops in the capital of Somalia have put an end to an al Shabab militant siege that left eight civilians and one government soldier dead at the Villa Rays hotel. During the incident, at least 60 other guests were rescued from the hotel.

    Six attackers were involved in the incident, according to the police spokesperson, Sadiq Adan Ali Dodishe; five were killed by gunfire from the security forces, while the sixth detonated a suicide vest to blow himself up.

    After al Shabab stormed and fired their way into the hotel, which was a favorite of parliamentarians and other prominent government officials, elite security troops fought the insurgents for 21 hours, from Sunday evening to Monday afternoon.

    Five government soldiers were hurt, the official continued, but no critically injured civilians.

    The incident was allegedly carried out by the al-Qaeda-affiliated group al-Shabab.

    A “huge bomb, followed by a heavy exchange of gunfire,” according to one eyewitness, was heard.

    Adam Aw Hirsi, the environment minister, informed reporters he had survived the attack, while Mohamed Ahmed, another minister, is said to have been hurt.

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