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Thursday, June 8, 2023


    Shootings at 2 Brazilian schools resulted in 3 deaths.

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    According to news source G1, a shooter who stormed two different schools in southeast Brazil on Friday left three people dead and 13 more wounded.

    The shootings happened on the same road in Aracruz, a municipality in the state of Espirito Santo, at both public and private schools.

    Before killing two instructors in the teachers’ room, the shooter entered the public school with two pistols and opened fire.

    Later, he killed a kid at the private school.

    The instructors were 48 and 45 years old. The student’s identity has not been made public.

    Renato Casagrande, the governor of Espirito Santo, reported that the suspect was taken into custody by security personnel following the shootings at the Praia de Coqueiral Educational Center and the Primo Bitti School.

    Casagrande proclaimed three days of mourning for the “irreparable losses” he called them, and he promised that authorities would keep looking into the matter.

    Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, the incoming president, expressed “sadness” upon hearing about the attack.

    On Twitter, Lula expressed his “solidarity” with the victims’ families and called the incident a “absurd catastrophe.”

    Additionally, he extended assistance to Casagrande and the impacted neighborhood.

    According to the Metropoles news outlet, the gunman was 16 years old, receiving psychiatric treatment, although it was uncertain if he took any medication.

    According to Metropoles, he allegedly used his father’s police revolver, had a Nazi insignia tattooed on one of his arms, and was dressed in military garb when he committed the shootings.

    Aracruz’s classes have been canceled.

    Authorities think the incident was planned for at least two years and was deliberate.


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