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Wednesday, October 5, 2022


    Since the commencement of the war, Ukraine reports that 29,450 Russian troops have been killed.

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    According to the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, at least 29,450 Russian soldiers have been killed thus far in the conflict in Ukraine.

    According to the Ukrainian General Staff, approximately 100 Russian troops have been killed in the last 24 hours.

    Since the beginning of the war, Ukrainian forces have reportedly destroyed 206 planes, 170 helicopters, 1,305 battle tanks, 3,213 armored vehicles, 606 artilleries, 201 rocket launchers, and 93 air-defense systems.

    According to the statement, Russia has also lost 2,218 vehicles, 13 ships and small boats, 491 unmanned aerial vehicles, and 112 cruise missiles.

    The Russian Defense Ministry announced on March 25 that 1,351 of its soldiers serving in Ukraine had been killed.

    At least 3,942 civilians have been killed and 4,591 injured since Russia launched a war on Ukraine on Feb. 24.

    Nearly 6.6 million people have fled to other countries, while more than 7.7 million have been internally displaced, according to the UN refugee agency.

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