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Thursday, April 11, 2024


    Somali army capture control of two villages in the Lower Shabelle region.

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    Following fierce battle against al Shabab, Somali intelligence troops and the Haram’ad Police Special Forces took complete control of Jilib Merca and Gandarshe villages under Merca town in the Lower Shabelle region on Friday morning.

    According to military officials in charge of the operations, the army’s planned actions resulted in numerous fatalities, including death and injury to the al-Shabab group.

    In regions where the group has long maintained sway, intelligence forces and the Haram’ad Police have also performed minesweeping operations.

    The federal administration recently declared that national forces will launch significant operations on the road between Merca in the Lower Shabelle region and Mogadishu, Somalia’s capital.

    On Monday, a joint operation led by NISA and the Haram’ad Police Special Forces attacked covert Al Shabaab encampments near El-Marade, Garas Gawaan, Galka Salimo, and Lower Shabelle regions under Number 60.

    This large-scale operation, according to officials, was carried out on the highway connecting Mogadishu and Merca.

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