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Monday, July 15, 2024


    Somali Business and Health Expo 2024: A Resounding Success in Mogadishu

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    The Somali Business and Health Expo 2024, held on the 3rd and 4th of June at the iconic ROYAL PALACE Hotel in Mogadishu, was a landmark event that showcased the vibrant and rapidly growing sectors of business and healthcare in Somalia. With over 40 companies exhibiting their products and services, the event highlighted the dynamic entrepreneurial spirit and the critical advancements being made in the Somali healthcare industry.

    Somali Business and Health Expo 2024; Gala Dinner Night

    The Expo concluded with a Gala Dinner Night on the 7th of June, offering an elegant evening of networking and celebration for exhibitors, sponsors, and attendees.

    Exhibitors at the Somali Business and Health Expo 2024

    The Expo brought together a diverse range of companies, each contributing uniquely to the burgeoning Somali market. Here are the esteemed exhibitors who participated:

    Starsky Aviation Ltd: A leading aviation company providing comprehensive air travel solutions.
    Life Healthcare Solutions: Innovators in health services and medical equipment.
    Samakaaal Hospital: Renowned for their advanced medical treatments and patient care.
    Matrix CVS: Specialists in clinical and veterinary services.
    Sahan Diagnostic Center: Pioneers in diagnostic testing and laboratory services.
    Jazeera Specialist Hospital: Offering specialized medical care across various disciplines.
    Tamarso: A significant player in the pharmaceutical industry.
    Banadiria Coffee: Bringing the finest Somali coffee to the world.
    Maal Microfinance: Empowering small businesses through financial services.
    Baraka Hospital: Known for their excellence in healthcare provision.
    Marwo Fertility Center: Experts in fertility treatments and reproductive health.
    Horseed Hospital: Delivering top-notch healthcare services.
    Loris Perfume Somalia: Celebrating Somali craftsmanship in fragrance creation.
    Capital Hospital: Providing comprehensive health services.
    Dr Scent: Leaders in fragrance and aromatherapy products.
    Somali Voluntary Word Forum: A platform for volunteerism and community service.
    Somali Sudanese Specialist Hospital: Offering specialized healthcare services.
    Shakir Group: A diversified conglomerate with interests in multiple sectors.
    Hadiid Industries Group: Innovators in industrial solutions and manufacturing.
    Somlink Telcom: Advancing telecommunications in Somalia.
    Wellness Vitamin & Derma Care: Providers of health supplements and skincare products.

    The Expo’s success was also attributed to the generous support of its sponsors, whose contributions were crucial in bringing this event to life.

    Gala Dinner Night Highlights

    The Gala Dinner Night on June 7th was an esteemed evening that added a touch of elegance and prestige to the Somali Business and Health Expo 2024. Graced by the presence of distinguished guests, the event was a celebration of achievements and a platform for forging new partnerships. During the Gala Dinner, CEO of Somali Business and Health Expo Mr. Ridwan Yusuf Mohamud presented honorary awards to the sponsors, recognizing their invaluable support and contributions. He also extended his heartfelt thanks to all the exhibitors, acknowledging their efforts and dedication in making the Expo a grand success. The evening was marked by meaningful discussions and the forging of partnerships aimed at driving growth and prosperity in Somalia. Attendees enjoyed fine dining, cultural performances, and insightful conversations, strengthening the bonds within the business and healthcare communities.

    The two-day Expo featured a plethora of activities including product demonstrations, interactive sessions, and panel discussions on key topics such as the future of healthcare in Somalia, innovative business practices, and investment opportunities in the Somali market.

    Setting a New Standard

    The Somali Business and Health Expo 2024 has set a new standard for such events in the region, demonstrating the immense potential and resilience of the Somali market. It has also provided a significant platform for local and international businesses to explore collaborations, drive innovations, and contribute to the economic development of Somalia.

    Looking Forward

    As we look forward to the next edition, the success of this year’s Expo will undoubtedly inspire further growth and progress in both the business and healthcare sectors of Somalia.

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