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Thursday, August 11, 2022


    Somali Business Awards 2021 The Best Bank of The Year 2021 : Dahabshil Bank

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    About Dahabshil Bank:

    Dahabshil Bank was forecasted to fill a gap in the Islamic financial services market in Somalia this is because the country has few banks. Our idea is to bring forth accessible and affordable modes of Islamic finance to merchants and potential executives to start and

    grow their business. Dahabshil Bank International (DBI) is a completed and developed Sharia-compliant bank, the bank is licensed by the Central Bank of Somalia.

    The bank started in 2012 and the primary interest were in East Africa, Gulf Region, Western Europe and North America. Our bank collaborates with first-rate after-sales service, the highest ethical standards of Sharia and the latest automation so as to bring cost-effective goods and services to our customer.

    DBI is responsible, honest and profitable. Our dedicated team and networks are committed to provide accessible and affordable sharia compliant financial solutions to our customers. DBI operates in an important and rapidly growing East Africa niche market, with presence in all Somaliland regions. All over the years, we have displayed magnificent growth in terms of balance sheet size and system and the ever-increasing demand for our products is a testament to our victory.

    Our Vision

    To be the preferred financial services provider contributing to the economic prosperity of the people of the region and beyond.

    Our mission

    To offer inclusive customer-oriented financial services utilizing our extensive local market knowledge, financial expertise, appropriate technology, and relationships, thus contributing to the economic prosperity of our clients and stakeholders.

    Account typed

    • Personal • Corporate Banking.
    • Diaspora • Dahabo Account for women.
    • Financing Full Islamic Financing. Muraabaxo.       Mushaarako.    Istisnac. Mudaarabo.   Ijaara.
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