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Thursday, August 11, 2022


    Somali Business Awards 2021 The Best University of The Year 2021 : Somaville University

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    About Somaville University

    Somaville University is a non-profit, non-governmental educational institution, it was established on24th January 2013, legally operation under a REG No: WWHTS/ XAG/0109/2015, with its Head, Quarters at Mogadishu with a mission to contribute to society through the pursuit of education, learning, and research at the highest international levels of excellence, with the vision to be regionally recognized for distinctive excellence in education and research, an institution of choice for students and scholars and a catalyst for the sustainable socio-economic development of Somalia.

    And excellence in research, scholarship, and creativity Excellence in public Engagement Staff excellence as Objectives.

    The jurisdiction of the University extends to the area comprising of Benadir, Jubaland, Somaliland, PuntlandHiirShebelle State, South West State, Galmudug State, The University has created a reputation in the field of health sciences, engineering and law. The University comprise of mainly four faculties including faculty of Health Science, faculty of Engineering & Computer Science, faculty of Business & public Administration and faculty of Education & Social.

    The University continues to dominate in the field of higher education through quality of education and practical work. And We have also developed relations with many prestigious universities throughout the world, including universities in Australia, India, South Africa, & United States of America, this was done to uplift our academic standards in order to compete in the international market with the world highly professional universities.

    The University also signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the United International University on 25th December 2019 to facilitate the Academic collaboration between the two universities.

    The United International University delegates who visited the university included, Professor Dr. Khawza I. Ahmed, Director of Center for International Affairs and Cooperation (CIAC) at United International University, Ms. Jennifer Hossain, Assistant Director, (CIAC), and Md Faruque Miah, Senior Executive, (CIAC).

    Since the person is at the Centre of all growth and development, both at individual levels, all members of the community respect each other in an attempt to create an environment of openness and trust.

    The university is committed to promoting justice, solidarity, human rights, equality, and environmental protection, both in its own community and society in general, the university is committed to providing quality education, while at the same time promoting and living by the non-negotiable values of services and respect.

    The university community is committed to realizing the aims and objectives of the university through democratic processes. The curricula of the university, which are continually revised to the benefit of the changing needs of the society, aimed at developing professional people who will combine career competence with a strong sense of moral responsibility and the values demanded by the challenges of the world today. Students are encouraged to be creative, imaginative, entrepreneurial, and self-critical, through inventive, interactive, and invitational teaching.

    The university stresses the right to academic freedom in its teaching and learning processes, while at the same time respecting the cultural heritage of African traditions and values. All students enrolled at the university are required to follow the ethics courses deemed relevant to their courses of studies. The university is committed to serving the community through outreach and community-oriented programs and initiatives, especially in relation to the marginalized, poor and vulnerable.

    The dispersal of skills and the sharing of knowledge with the express aim of social transformation are intended to create mutually beneficial relationships. The wish to implement practical sustainable development in our local rural setting means that the university is committed to respectful and sound environmental management.

    We recognize ourselves to be part of the whole biotic community and wish to live in harmony with our environment.


    =Bachelor of Public Health

    = Bachelor of Laboratory Science

    = Bachelor of Nutrition science

    = Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery

    = Bachelor of Nursing Science

    = Bachelor of Midwifery


    = Bachelor of Accounting & Finance

    = Bachelor of Business dministration

    = Bachelor of International Relations

    =Bachelor of Economics & Management

    = Bachelor of Social Work

    = Bachelor of English language & literature

    = Bachelor of Sports Management

    = Bachelor of Hospitality Management


    = Bachelor of Petroleum Engineering

    = Bachelor of Civil Engineering

    = Bachelor of Electrical Engineering

    = Bachelor of Telecommunications Engineering

    = Bachelor of Information Technology

    = Bachelor of Software Engineering

    = Bachelor of Computer Security and Forensics


    = Bachelor of Law

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