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Thursday, February 22, 2024


    Somali business Awards 2022 : The best Foam Factory Of The Year 2022 : Shakir Foam Factory

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    Shakir Foam, also known as WARSHADDA ISBUUNYADA SHAKIR, is a well-respected polyurethane foam producer founded in 2003 as Somalia’s third foam plant. It is a member of the Shakir Group and one of the most progressive manufacturers today. The company’s thriving foam business began when 1st generation entrepreneurs realized a dream of producing high-quality foam, keeping up with technological advancements.

    With its quality products, it grew rapidly and became a household name in the bedding and furniture industry. With a successful business environment and under an expansion program, it has branches.

    Mogadishu 2003        Headquarter Beidao       Southwest State 2015

    Baladwyne         Hirshabelle State 2016 Doolow  JubbalandState      2019 (Dusamareb) Galmudug Strate 2021

    The headquarters has remained in Mogadishu to date. Under a new investment plan, plant technology was upgraded, new machinery and equipment replaced the old ones to increase efficiency and better utilize the capacity of the plant to meet the ever-increasing demand for its quality products.

    Motivated by your desire for the best sleep possible, and are industry leaders in terms of quality and innovation. Strive to be the best in everything.

    Satisfy worldwide quality standards and exceed the competition with our innovative concepts, creating high-quality mattresses to make a difference in people’s lives, ensuring that everyone has a good night’s sleep.

    The Company’s mission is To give people the best start in life every day by giving them the best sleep, To do so in a competitive market where there is no one- size-ts-all solution and Anything is achievable if you focus on innovation and great quality in your products and services. Making an impact, changing lives for the better.

    The Company’s  Vision,To provide the ideal sleeping environment in every home.

    Quality Assurance Policy Provide total customer satisfaction by continuously improving processes to ensure that products consistently meet or exceed customer requirements while being environmentally friendly.

    Core Values = Safety                 = Quality            = Service

    = Employee Involvement

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