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Thursday, May 30, 2024


    Somali Business Awards 2022 : The Best Telecommunication company Of The Year 2022 : Somtel Somalia

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    Somtel Somalia is the major telecom and technology service provider in the Somali region, and it has the broadest network coverage of any company in the area. We are offering an ambitious, new digital world to our 78% of telecom customers across Somaliland, Somalia, and Puntland – one of the regions with the fastest expanding for mobile telecommunications – from our headquarters in Hargeisa, and we are guided by our beliefs.

    Products and Services ;You will get access to the quickest 4G+ network in the area with Somtel. It is, in fact, speed that contributes to an improved experience on your smartphone. We provide a wide variety of mobile products and services to meet your needs, whether you are searching for the newest smartphone, the greatest deals on pay-as-you-go or contract airtime plans, or the ability to access the internet through mobile broadband.

    The leading telecommunications company in Somalia, with over 6,000 employees providing a comprehensive range of mobile voice, data, and mobile money services to over 4 million individual and business customers. Our commercial presence is spread across Somalia’s regions, and we have a presence in all Somali regions. At Somtel, we see the future in the present – in our core beliefs and day-to-day business practices. This entails delighting our consumers and exceeding their expectations with services of the highest caliber. We have built a company culture that places the consumer at the core of the business.

    We intend to keep them by enabling them to openly voice their opinions and rewarding them accordingly, so demonstrating their worth. Somtel has built a high-achieving, results-oriented organizational culture using this strategy. Ultimately, it is the quality rather than the quantity of our resources that will determine our success in the global marketplace of today. We endeavor to generate economic and social value everywhere we go. As responsible corporate citizens, we hold our social, cultural, and environmental duties in the highest respect. Community assistance and development initiatives in the countries in which we operate reflect our dedication. Somtel’sworkers have unlimited prospects for professional advancement and upward mobility due to the company’s unyielding passion and desire for expansion. Our ability to attract, cultivate, and retain leaders with strong moral principles has contributed to our continued high performance. As we seek to accelerate our expansion, we are using this tradition to attain a new level of global organization strength.

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