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Saturday, January 28, 2023


    Somali Business Awards : The Best University of the year 2022 : Somaville University

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    Somaville University is a non-profit, non-governmental educational institution. It was founded on 24th January 2013 and operates legally under the registration number WWHTS/XAG/0109/2015. Its mission is to contribute to society through the pursuit of education, learning, and research at the highest international levels of excellence. In addition to brilliance in research, scholarship, and innovation Excellence in Public Engagement Staff Excellence as Goals

    The University’s jurisdiction includes Benadir, Jubaland, Somaliland, Puntland HirShebelle State, South West State, and Galmudug State. The University has established a reputation in the fields of engineering, law, and health sciences. The majority of the university’s faculties are the faculties of Health Science, Engineering & Computer Science, Business & Public Administration, and Education & Social.

    The University’s continued dominance in the field of higher education is due to the quality of its instruction and its emphasis on practical work. This was done to raise our academic standards in order to compete with the world’s most professional institutions on the international market.

    On December 25, 2019, the University also signed a Memorandum of Understanding with United International University to enhance academic collaboration between the two institutions. Professor Dr. Khawza I. Ahmed, Director of Center for International Affairs and Cooperation (CIAC) at United International University, Ms. Jennifer Hossain, Assistant Director, (CIAC), and Md Faruque Miah, Senior Executive, were among the United International University delegates who visited the university (CIAC). Since the individual is at the center of all growth and development, on both individual and communal levels, all members of the community respect one another in an effort to foster an atmosphere of candor and trust. The university is committed to promoting justice, solidarity, human rights, equality, and environmental protection, both in its own community and in society as a whole. Additionally, the university is committed to providing a quality education while promoting and upholding the inalienable values of service and respect.

    The university community is dedicated to achieving its goals and objectives through democratic methods. The university’s programs, which are regularly altered to meet the changing requirements of society, seek to produce professionals who combine career skill with a strong sense of moral responsibility and the values expected by today’s global issues. Through unique, interactive, and inclusive teaching, students are prompted to be creative, imaginative, entrepreneurial, and self-critical. In its teaching and learning activities, the institution emphasizes the right to academic independence while honoring the cultural legacy of African customs and values. All students enrolling at the institution are expected to take the applicable ethical courses for their fields of study. The institution is devoted to helping the community through outreach and community-focused programs and activities, focusing on the disadvantaged, impoverished, and vulnerable. The dissemination of skills and the exchange of information for the purpose of social transformation are meant to foster partnerships that are mutually beneficial.

    The university’s commitment to environmentally responsible practices stems from the institution’s desire to promote sustainable development in our local rural setting. We acknowledge that we are part of the entire biotic community and seek to live in peace with our surroundings.

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