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    Somali cabinet to hold extraordinary meeting today

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    31 October 2021

    According to local sources, the Somali cabinet is holding an extraordinary meeting today, with cabinet members scheduled for Sunday afternoon, 31-10-2021.

    The cabinet was sent a message at midnight last night, informing them to attend the meeting in full.

    The meeting follows a postponed meeting of cabinet members on Thursday, which discusses the overall situation in the country.

    According to some reports, today’s meeting may be preceded by a meeting of the new NISA commander and deputy commander, for approval.

    The outgoing president and Prime Minister Roble recently agreed that the president should appoint a new security chief, and then go through the Somali cabinet, for approval.

    Villa Somalia has recently been the scene of intense efforts to end the Farmajo-Roble conflict that has had a significant impact on the elections.

    Somalia is currently in a difficult period of transition and elections to the Somali parliament is expected to begin this week.

    However, the outcome of the much anticipated cabinet meeting at a critical time will be keenly watched by all stakeholders.

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